The great winner gets the prize and earns the respect.

Others may compromise. We focus on winning and respect.

In our 60-minute first session – in Vienna or online – we will screen your issues and determine your next steps. This is why I like to call it our ‘Target Setting session’. If our collaboration continues, you will get from me your Target Setting session for free.

Raise your value!
(for managers and self-employed)

You negotiate for yourself.

You have:
– a clear strategy
– the right negotiation tools
– the star factor*

You are:
– a skilful negotiator
– effective
– fit for difficult negotiation situations

You can:
– market yourself more successfully

Raise your influence!
(for business people)

Your team negotiates on your behalf.

You have:
– the driver’s seat
– the best negotiation team
– the star factor* for yourself and your team

You are:
– relieved
– at ease
– forward-looking

You can:
– steer the growth of your business more successfully

Raise your leverage!
(for decision makers)

I negotiate for you.

You have:
– an ace up your sleeve
– the flexibility you need

You are:
– faster at your goal
– serviced professionally

You can:
– always save your face
– reach what you want

Lead with your star factor!
(for leaders)

You lead.

You have:
– impact within and outside of your organization

You are:
– an inspiring role model

You can:
– lead your team to success
– shape organisational culture
– excite your audience
– steer and accompany transformation processes

Why me?

Two traits make great winners stand out: Their attitude and their actions.
These are also the foundations of my method that lets you get what you want. If you live this combination, I guarantee sustained results.

In our Target Setting session, I will tell you about my working method and – with my support – how you are guaranteed to become a great winner.

In our 60-minute Target Setting session – in Vienna or online – we will screen your issues and determine your next steps. If our collaboration continues, you will get your initial session for free.

Negotiation strategy and management in Vienna

For us, negotiating is a targeted action that aligns you with your negotiation partners and lets you achieve your objectives. Together, we develop your negotiation strategy, build your line of argumentation and create a tangible and measureable action plan. As every negotiation starts long before the actual conversation, a well-planned preparation is the key to your success – the sooner, the better. The more leadership mindset you have, the more successfully you will negotiate.

GROWMIND Negotiation strategy and management – your partner in Vienna.