Lack of confidence in negotiations despite having attended many seminars – when the performance just isn’t up to snuff.

Lack of confidence in negotiations despite having attended many seminars – when the performance just isn’t up to snuff.

Your performance during negotiations as an entrepreneur

Many of my clients don’t feel comfortable when it comes to implementing what they have learned, despite having attended many sales and negotiation seminars. Is that what it’s like for you, too?

There is a factor that is not at all easy to teach in negotiation skills seminars or workshops. This factor makes all the difference between whether or not you come across as convincing: your performance.

I like to compare negotiations with stage plays because they have a lot in common: If a protagonist’s first performance is botched, the whole show may go down with it. Because he or she has failed to establish an instant rapport with the audience.

Enter the negotiation stage: Your performance, please!

You are well prepared for the negotiation. Your strategies and arguments are crystal clear.

Now how do you go about delivering your performance?

‘How do I make a great impression from the word go?’ That’s a question I often get from my customers. And rightly so! After all, the first minutes of your meeting often determine the success of the negotiation – because what you have to offer, no matter how excellent, is only half of what it takes to succeed.

The impression you make on your negotiation partner is just as important as the services you offer. The crucial question is ALWAYS: Do you come across as a competent and trustworthy person?

What makes a performance impressive?
It’s the overall image you project – like a portrait consisting of 2 elements:
• Your charisma that results from your inner poise.
• Your image based on external facts.

Appeal through inner poise

The fact is: Your inner poise shines out. Without any doing on your part. As soon as you attempt to radiate anything other than what you feel, you will no longer come across as authentic. You can’t just act it away, no matter how good an actor you are. If you do, your negotiation partner’s trust will quickly be lost.

In other words, you need to internalise your role as an entrepreneur with negotiation skills! Just like really good actors: They not only learn their roles, they OWN them. They commit to their stage roles 100 percent. Only then will they be able to reach their audience. Anything else would appear artificial and will fail to reach your counterpart.

So, before the negotiation begins, ask yourself:
• How would you like to come across during the negotiations and what would you like to achieve?
• How do you want to feel at the end of the negotiation?
• What impression do you want to leave? Even if you fail to accomplish the desired goal?

If you have done your homework properly, you will already have a clear understanding of what you stand for, what your abilities are and above all what value your services will bring to your business partners. That provides the best grounding for an effective performance.

A capable and trustworthy image

In the business world, we negotiate with partners who demonstrate competence and confidence. Another important facet of your performance is outward evidence of these qualities. Because they determine your image.

Consider this: What is the best way to convey your competence to your counterpart?

• Give examples of your success: What have been your 3 most successful projects? What benefits have your services been able to offer other customers?
• Present yourself briefly and clearly: Being able to actually put services and benefits into clear, understandable words demonstrates competence.
Dress for the occasion: in a manner that agrees with your personality and the setting. It’s the first impression that counts!
• The answer to the central question must be spot on: Why should your negotiation partner do business with you?
Small gestures with a big impact: Greeting others with a firm handshake, eye contact, straight posture up until some small talk – all that says: “I am a competent and reliable business partner”.

Do you have the feeling that status plays an important role in your negotiations? Read here to learn how to enhance your status in negotiations.

Would you like to plan and rehearse your performance professionally? I will be happy to offer you a guiding hand and to clarify and practice with you all that you need to deliver a perfect performance – in a sheltered setting.

You can reach me at: or +436602400135.

Your Raluca Ionescu

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