How to enhance your status in negotiations? Three steps to building a stronger starting position.

How to enhance your status in negotiations? Three steps to building a stronger starting position.

How to enhance your status in negotiations

Status – an elusive element with a big impact. Especially at the negotiating table: The party with the higher status has a potential ace up its sleeve – and therefore a competitive edge.

‘How do I negotiate with the other party on an equal footing when the latter has a higher status?’, ‘How do I stay strong – despite the disparity in status?’, ‘How do I enhance my status?’ These are the questions my clients often ask me during coaching.

The good news is that status can be influenced. You yourself are in control of your own status.

In the last blog article, you learned about the factors that determine status in negotiations – and how to act in a negotiation setting if you feel that your counterpart has a higher status than you.

In this article, I will show you how to raise your status ahead of time. All without resorting to the usual material status symbols.

You influence your status the most through your inner attitude.

Let me reassure you:

The power of status is almost always “only” perceived and does not correspond to reality. This means that the person of a perceived lower status feels under pressure and therefore typically acts from a weaker position. There is usually no need for this. Because your perceived position is something you can strengthen.

Boost your perceived status in 3 steps:

Step 1: Build your emotional fitness.

Self-esteem: Give your self-esteem a boost – seek help if needed.
Honesty: Be honest with yourself: How important is it for you to be accepted, liked, validated? Are you prepared to make concessions to achieve this? Think again about whether this is really what you want.
Fears: Address your fears. While fears are meant to protect you, what they really do is weaken you. Quiet your fearful inner voice.
Ego: Have a word with your ego: While you are seated at the negotiating table, have it wait outside! It will only get in your way. Your goal is the only thing that matters.

Step 2: Enhance your outward status.

Appearance: Create your own style: adapted to the situation, but always tasteful and authentic. You are you.
Reputation: Maintain a good reputation and act with integrity. Using dirty tricks may help you win once, but there is always a price to pay – I advise against it.
Strategy: Define a clear strategy and do not allow your opponent’s status to distract you. There is no time for “yes, but…” or “can’t do that because…”!
Information: Preparation is (almost) everything: “Know your customer” – Who is your counterpart? What interest does your counterpart have? What is personally important to them?
Negotiating skills: Play your cards well.

Step 3: Practice with a strong, critical sparring partner:

Behind every strong negotiator there is a strong team. Practice with your team
• Self-confidence in the way you behave.
• Strategic planning of your negotiations.
• Skilful negotiation.

The more often you have played through the situation with all the objections that may be raised, the more confident you will become.

If you wish, I will be happy to be a part of your team.
If you have to or wish to conduct difficult negotiations, no matter whether you are negotiating salaries, obtaining funds, planning a company takeover, aspiring to be successful in sales or purchasing, or negotiating in court: In my programs “Raise your value – for managers and self-employed people”, we work very hard to strengthen your own perceived position and develop strategies for your specific negotiation setting. We practice, practice, practice.

Become a great winner! I will be the sparring partner at your side. Give it a try: In our 60-minute target setting session – in Vienna or online – we will assess your issues and determine what initial steps you need to take. You’ll see: Just by having done this, you will already have achieved a great deal. Should you wish to continue your journey with me afterwards, this initial session will be free of charge.

I will be happy to accompany you on your journey and to share with you my entire wealth of experience gained in over 20 years of negotiations.

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Your Raluca Ionescu

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