,Hands-on’ Leadership Style – 7 personal qualities of good managers in times of crisis

,Hands-on’ Leadership Style – 7 personal qualities of good managers in times of crisis

7 personal qualities of good managers in times of crisis

Many things that we have read in management books and have listened to during leadership-trainings, became obsolete through the Covid19 crisis. Most of the widely known management theories and leadership styles lost part of their relevance because the current situation is new and unique. The current environment forces managers and entrepreneurs to improve their own strengths but also those of their employees.

Within the leadership-coaching my clients are asking completely new questions:

  • How shall I lead when the ‘classical’ leadership instruments are neither available nor suitable anymore?
  • What is the most important aspect about leading during a crisis like this?
  • Which leadership skills play the most important role?
  • What defines a good crisis manager?

The necessary skills of successful managers in times of crisis can be clustered in two categories:

1. The manager’s personality and
2. The manager‘s professional expertise.

The manager’s personality: the key to success and stability

I am starting on purpose with the personality. Because I am convinced that during times of crisis interpersonal and social skills have at least the same importance as professional skills – if not even a higher importance!

You are for sure asking yourself: why is now the manager’s personality more important than it was in the past? Which difference makes the manager’s personal character traits, attitude and values during the crisis compared to “normal times”? There is an important factor that makes a significant difference: the additional pressure.

How strong is your stomach when under pressure?

During stable times, people can control themselves easily. Also the environment reacts with more understanding on the one or other deficit. Often employees tolerate problems or shy away from addressing them. This works as long as employees perceive that the positive general framework prevails over the existing shortcomings.

But if the state of pressure, stress and uncertainty turns permanent, some specific leadership skills become even more important. Stress makes us sensitive, irritable and less tolerant.

Which are the most relevant leadership skills to best manage in a crisis?

7 Leadership Skills that define a good manager in times of crisis.

1. Optimistic attitude towards life

Optimistic managers can handle difficult situations easer. They radiate trust, confidence and have a positive motivational impact on their team.

2. Resilience – mental strength

Resilient managers perceive problems more as a challenge than a burden. They react in a crisis creatively and flexibly when others feel helpless. In this way, they keep their mental strength and confer their team power of endurance.

3. Fairness and courage

Fair leaders distribute tasks correctly and reward commitment and good performance. Courage helps to openly address deficits and to correct them. In this context please read also about dealing with low-performance:

4. Logical thinking and common sense

Logic and common sense build a strong basis for decisions. While logic is indispensable for the thinking processes, the common sense provides for down-to-earth behaviour and practical solutions.

5. Social competence

Socially skilled managers know that the economy is just a means to an end. It is the people that give sense to the economy. They take team’s problems seriously and ensure a positive working climate. Here you can find more about attitude and social competence in remote team leadership:

6. Walk the Talk:

Authentic leaders show their ‘no-make-up look’ and are not afraid to frankly address problems. They have always been like this, also before the crisis. But they continue to remain socially competent, respectful and fair. This makes interactions with them pleasant – despite difficult situations.

7. Intuition:

Intuition is a loyal companion and guidepost for people that allow it. Also during ‘foggy’ situations when nobody knows where the journey is heading to, leaders ‘feel’ the right way to go based on their intuition.

In the next blog article you will read about: Why the professional skills of a manager constitute a big advantage for the company.

For the ,Hands-On’ Manager

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