Growing in spite of – or specifically because of – uncertainty

Growing in spite of – or specifically because of – uncertainty


“Ms. Ionescu, I like your concept, I like you, but … you really ought to change your company name. Using a word like “Growˮ in this time, when facts clearly show that our economy is already being driven into a very deep trough, awakens false expectations. How can people and businesses grow when all ways are blocked? We really must remain realistic.ˮ

My counterpart is absolutely convinced that everything is changing for the worse. It may only be possible to talk about growth again in 2-3 years – if at all! How could I contradict him? The facts and figures speak for themselves – don’t they?

“If growth is unrealistic, what is realistic? What would be more appropriate to do in such times?ˮ I’m curious.

“We should waitˮ.

False optimism and one-fits-all realism

Part of me agrees with my counterpart. Fear and uncertainty are permanent, our ways forward are blocked at the moment and the question “How does growth work in a crisis?ˮ is completely justified.

I myself do not believe in false optimism or artificial “positive thinkingˮ in times of crisis. Nor do I want to gloss over difficult situations. As someone who has been working with laws for over 20 years, I know exactly that trust and hope are foreign words in the world of “facts and figuresˮ. And I know something else: numbers tell us about the past and not about the future. Now, however, it’s a matter of our future – and this starts today.

Growing in the crisis – from seed to tree

As I am convinced that waiting alone doesn’t help, my question is: What should we do while we wait? Growminders have the answer:

They plant trees and nurture them to grow nice and strong.

How do you do that?

Clearing out and preparing the ground

Growminders clear out thoroughly to create space for new and good things in their lives.

What belongs in the garbage:

• toxic thoughts, toxic relationships, toxic people,
• time-guzzlers like series, trashy reality shows, social media consumption with voyeuristic tendencies,
• news and opinions that cause fear and insecurity,
• complaining about things that you can’t change.

The tree of life needs:

ideas that spur us on,
– information that creates added value,
books that inspire,
people who spread positive vibes, are partners with whom meaningful topics can be discussed and who provide support in difficult moments.

Fertilizing and watering

The best fertilizer is a “compostˮ of (self-)reflection and fresh ideas.

Growminders reflect on the following:

• Their multiple roles in life as managers, partners, experts, as men or women, as mothers or fathers.
• What kind of people they want to be – have they got there yet or are there issues that still prevent them from living their “best version of themselvesˮ?
• Their values and needs.
• The life they want to live.
Experiences they haven’t had yet because they haven’t dared try them out.
• People they would like in their lives.

Growminders water the tree of life with a lot of (self-)confidence, empowering thoughts and a lot of patience.

Harvesting the fruits.

One day the first fruits will ripen and become food themselves. The circle of life will thus close perfectly. Each drop of self-confidence strengthens the roots of the tree of life. The clarity of its vision of life makes its crown grow dense, green and full of sweet fruit.

That is what I mean by growth: enhancing awareness and the power to develop despite crises. I am sure that humans have an inner core of strength, a potential that many are not aware of. But it is precisely this potential that helps us find solutions to our problems, even though it appears impossible at first.
GROWMIND stands for the development of this power core and helps you recognize what is really valuable for you and helps you learn how to achieve exactly what you want.

Shape the future – start today.

That’s why my appeal to YOU is: don’t wait until the crisis is over but start shaping your future actively now – according to the saying “Everyone is the architect of his own fortuneˮ. Read more about 4 tips for mental strength at work here.

Growminders also have a head start when encountering uncertainty at work. Read how they do it here Why Growminders have a head start.

Would you like to grow – despite the crisis? Then I’m happy to be there for you.

In just 6 intensive coaching sessions:

• we activate your power core,
• strengthen your roots and
• clarify your vision of life.

So that you can grow powerfully – from seed to tree.

You can reach me at: or +436602400135.

Your Raluca Ionescu

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