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How to enhance your status in negotiations

How to enhance your status in negotiations? Three steps to building a stronger starting position.

Status – an elusive element with a big impact. Especially at the negotiating table: The party with the higher status has a potential ace up its sleeve – and therefore a competitive edge. ‘How do I negotiate with the other party on an equal footing when the latter has a higher status?’, ‘How do I…
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How to recognise your counterpart's high status in negotiations

Status in negotiations: What to do if the other side enjoys a high status.

My first negotiation: Its memory will remain etched in my mind, because it taught me so much. I was a young 23-year-old law graduate and the third party representing the legal interests of the lending bank in negotiations for a multi-million-dollar project financing facility. I was able to observe the dealings from a safe distance.…
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Negotiating within your family/partnership: from permanent fights to a common solution

Yesterday a client called: ‘It is urgent!’ he said. ‘You know, leading my team remotely is working pretty well. But I have an emergency situation at home! I’ve been working 12 hours daily for weeks since I went into home office. My wife is covering her own job but also takes care of the children.…
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Management task: Put your employees’ short-time work to good use.

As of today, 1 April 2020, many employees will be on short time as a result of the crisis – in all manner of sectors, from trade businesses to airlines. If you are a manager or entrepreneur, you will be asking yourself the following questions: “What kind of work can I give employees on short…
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Renegotiating contracts in times of crisis: 3 steps to long-term success

Corona and the related shutdown of many sectors of the economy present entrepreneurs with new challenges: What to do if a supplier is no longer able to deliver? What to do if a customer is no longer able to pay the bill? What to do if a tenant of business premises does not pay the…
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Negotiating under high pressure: 5 steps to keeping the critical situation under control.

If the economy or a particular industry suddenly spins into a crisis as the result of an external factor, business partners often find themselves thrown into a situation overnight where they are subject to pressure from several directions. A supplier to the pharmaceutical industry increases the price of a crucial raw material for high-demand medicines…
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