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3 lessons for critical negotiations

Twitter vs Elon Musk – 3 lessons for critical negotiations

Failed takeover or a ploy – what is the mystery surrounding Twitter about? Anyone involved in the world of M&A knows that in many cases in which investors are interested in an acquisition, they change their minds. Sometimes this happens before due diligence, sometimes afterwards. Only in a few cases does the deal actually close.…
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What Makes it so Popular

Compromise in Negotiations – What Makes it so Popular?

Why is compromise toxic to success? Know what you need to play in the Business Winners’ League. “Let’s compromise.ˮ “Let’s meet in the middleˮ. “Let’s find a fair solution/a fair priceˮ. Sounds reasonable? Maybe. But it doesn’t sound like business and certainly not like winning. I hear this from people who would love to win……
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The greatest “enemy” in negotiations

Do you think that the greatest “enemy” in negotiations is your opposite number? Yes, you could say that. There are counterparts who are quite strange. They tend not to demand more from you but less. So little, in fact, that you no longer have to negotiate at all because there will soon be nothing left…
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Negotiating at work – Why do I need this?

“We don’t negotiate, we don’t need that in our organization. We get along well with each other,ˮ the HR manager of a renowned company told me. Regarding the questions: “Are you and your superior always of the same opinion? Have there never been any conflicts in your team? Are your customers always satisfied with your…
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Negotiate strategically

Negotiate strategically – with courage and skill.

Skillful negotiation solves problems and strengthens cooperation. But the path to a solution is sometimes bumpy, especially when a lot is at stake. I learned early on at the negotiating table how good negotiators deal with bottlenecks – and I learned from the best. Negotiate strategically – a lesson from top class negotiators My first…
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Power in negotiations with large organizations: Are we negotiating differently during the current pandemic?

Many of my clients are already feeling the fact that the current crisis is hitting us in an “undemocraticˮ way. The larger and more strategically positioned an organization is, the more power it has in negotiations. Why is that the case? Because crises and uncertainty make large organizations look more attractive – and thus more…
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Negotiating and leading through the pandemic

When failure is not an option: Negotiating and leading through the pandemic – as an entrepreneur

When the whole country went into lockdown, a family father set out to meet his client, whom he had been servicing successfully for 5 years. Armed with a negative Covid test result and a glimmer of hope, he drove the 1,200 km route across the border into the neighboring country. His companions were major worries…
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3 frequent mistakes people make when negotiating their salary in a job interview.

Hooray! The new job you applied for is as good as yours!! At the end of the recruitment process, you were chosen over all the other candidates. What could be better now than sitting back and celebrating? But hang on a minute: Better wait to celebrate until after you have checked all the boxes on…
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Staying mentally strong and goal-driven in negotiations

Building mental strength in negotiations: 3 steps. Staying mentally strong and goal-driven in negotiations.

Recently, one of my clients shared his frustrations with me during our coaching session. I had asked him about his last round of negotiations – which had been very important for him. “Negotiations weren’t going well: There was talking, explaining and arguing, but no conclusion in sight. My negotiation partner was rambling on, asking me…
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How to keep a cool head in difficult conversations?

Four tips for mental strength on the job. How to keep a cool head in difficult conversations?

5 minutes to go before talks begin! Ms X is meticulously prepared. A single slipup could ruin all the effort. A rush of excitement sweeps over the body, Ms X feels her heart pound and her hands go clammy. She wonders. ‘Will I be able to keep a cool head despite the pressure to perform?…
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