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Growing in spite of – or specifically because of – uncertainty

“Ms. Ionescu, I like your concept, I like you, but … you really ought to change your company name. Using a word like “Growˮ in this time, when facts clearly show that our economy is already being driven into a very deep trough, awakens false expectations. How can people and businesses grow when all ways…
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5 basic rules for successful leadership in small steps.

Micromanagement – yes, but in the right way. 5 basic rules for successful leadership in small steps.

To lead or not to lead – that is the question “The project ended in disaster! Now I’m working on improving the mistakes made in the last months and getting the motivation of those involved back on track. I don’t understand what the problem was because we hired the best minds and the start was…
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(Micro)management – it’s the dose alone that makes the poison

“I make sure that the tasks get done. How do I do that? I give precise instructions and check carefully so that no mistakes are made. But then mistakes do happen and I don’t understand that.ˮ “When I let my team work independently on the last project, there were problems with clients and since then…
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Why Growminders have a head start on the job and in life

Braving uncertainty at work: Why Growminders have a head start – on the job and in life

‘This morning, the decision was finally made: The two units will merge. This means only one of 2 units will continue to operate, some employees will lose their jobs and … we will all have to apply for the jobs that remain.’ Does that sound familiar? It does to me; I have heard this kind…
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Leading in Times of Crisis

‘Hands-on’ management: leading with professional competence – in a crisis and always

Many things that we knew or we thought we knew about management, turned irrelevant from one day to the next, following the Covid-19 crisis. The most popular theories, the success stories, the experience of the last decades partially lost their importance because the current situation is completely new and unique. It forces us to explore…
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7 personal qualities of good managers in times of crisis

,Hands-on’ Leadership Style – 7 personal qualities of good managers in times of crisis

Many things that we have read in management books and have listened to during leadership-trainings, became obsolete through the Covid19 crisis. Most of the widely known management theories and leadership styles lost part of their relevance because the current situation is new and unique. The current environment forces managers and entrepreneurs to improve their own…
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Leading from a distance: 7 key findings – the bottom line.

Tie and trackies – will that do? Virtual meetings at the kitchen table with the kids playing in plain sight – can I get away with that? You can get away with a lot of things if you have to. New circumstances require unusual action. For over 5 weeks now, managers have been suddenly and…
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Attitude and social competence in remote team leadership

In my last article, I gave you a few tips and clued you in on several factual and functional solutions on how to lead remote teams. In this blog article, we will be looking to answer questions about how to define the relationship between you as a manager and your employees. And about what you…
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Leadership knows no shutdown: How to lead remote teams efficiently.

From one day to the next, CoVid19 presented lots of managers with a new challenge: managing their team remotely. The task was to keep business going as best possible using only telephone and digital media. Right when people started working from home, my coaching clients asked me many new questions about remote management: “As a…
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