Can LEADERSHIP be learned?

Can LEADERSHIP be learned?

What can be learned – What is in leadership DNA – How can you change from being a rough diamond into a brilliant leader?

My colleague is convinced that “You can’t simply learn leadership – it’s a talent. It’s just as innate as is common senseˮ. Master’s degrees, courses, seminars that promise the participants that they can learn leadership – are all in vain. “Look, Raluca, in my professional life I’ve had good managers and good mentors but I‘ve only ever read about leaders. That’s why I’m convinced that leaders are born.ˮ Period.

Every human being has an inner core of strength.

At first, I wanted to contradict him because I believe more in the power of development than in innate talents. That’s why I became a coach, out of the conviction that all people have talents and an inner core of strength, a potential of which many people are unaware. But it’s precisely this potential that helps us to expand our limits, even if many things appear impossible at the outset. That’s why I love accompanying and supporting people so that they can activate their own power core, gain clarity about their goals and maximize their potential.

I simply can’t accept that leadership is a gift of nature and that anyone who doesn’t have it “in their genesˮ can’t be a leader! Many pieces of the puzzle have to fit together for a person to become a leader. Many try the classic career path – degree, work, career ladder. Step by step. Is that the right recipe?

What can be learned and trained?

Gone are the days of the great founders who rose to the top from nothing – through tireless work and perseverance. We live in a world in which a degree is no longer a job guarantee. And yet those who want to walk along the leadership path still need basic knowledge.

Knowledge and Know-how that explain how organizations work and that form a strong theoretical basis, e.g. the fundamentals of economics, management, law, leadership theories, organizational psychology and communication. Best practice examples complement the training and give insights behind the scenes of successful managers.

Tools & Methods for practical application are tools for everyday management. Skills can be trained well in groups – results are, however, only sustainable if a change in old pattern behavior takes place.

In a nutshell – everything that is memorized on the logical-intellectual level can be learned and trained. However, learning theory is not sufficient to trigger a change in thinking, to change behavior and ensure sustainable results.

Knowledge cannot be equated with willingness and ability.

What do “born leadersˮ have right from the start?

These 5 personal qualities make the difference when it comes to being a leader.

1. Passion

I admit that this is almost mission impossible during these extremely stressful conditions, especially when people work in home office and are exposed to anxiety every day. Leaders commit their heart and soul to their work and to their employees. They’re not lone wolves, quite the contrary. They build people and teams, support them and promote a positive leadership culture. They strive to create a work environment in which their employees enjoy working with them and for the organization and are committed.

2. Social competence & empathy

Socially competent leaders know that economic activity is a means to an end. It’s the people who give meaning to the economy. They have a sincere interest in their fellow human beings, show consideration for problems in their teams and ensure that there is a good working atmosphere. Read more in “Attitude and social competence in remote team leadershipˮ

3. Decisiveness & fairness

Fair leaders distribute tasks correctly and reward commitment and good performance. They are not afraid to address grievances, take action and make decisions. Read more about dealing with low performance here.

4. Logical thinking & common sense

Logic and common sense form the solid basis for decision-making. While logic is indispensable for thought processes, common sense ensures a down-to-earth attitude and practical solutions. The following applies to each and every decision: Good decisions require solid expertise. Read more about the advantages of professional competence at management level.

5. Authenticity

Authentic leaders show themselves unadorned, admit their mistakes and call a spade a spade. At the same time, they always remain socially competent, are deferential and fair. This makes interaction with them pleasant – even in problematic situations.

You can read here about the 7 personal qualities that constitute good managers, even in times of crisis.

From a rough diamond to a brilliant leader

If leadership isn’t easy to learn, how can you become a leader? There is no ready-made template for this. Individual processes are needed, which are customized for each individual.

As a leader, do you want to have an impact both within and outside of your organization? Then I am here for you. In our coaching sessions, we will concentrate on activating your inner power core. At the end of the process, you will gain clarity about your role as a leader and get a handle on your intuition. This will make you unique in the eyes of others and you will inspire them at the same time as this uniqueness comes from your inner core.

My recipe:

YOU contribute a good dose of honesty and a pinch of courage to change.

I contribute a lot of trust, esteem, coaching skills and humor.

TOGETHER we will:

• enhance your leadership profile,
• strengthen your leadership attitude,
• hone your appearance as an aspiring role model and
• make you shine – with everything that makes you special!

My programme “Lead with your star factor!ˮ has been designed just for you.

You can reach me at: or +436602400135.

Your Raluca Ionescu

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