Braving uncertainty at work: Why Growminders have a head start – on the job and in life

Braving uncertainty at work: Why Growminders have a head start – on the job and in life

Why Growminders have a head start on the job and in life

‘This morning, the decision was finally made: The two units will merge. This means only one of 2 units will continue to operate, some employees will lose their jobs and … we will all have to apply for the jobs that remain.’

Does that sound familiar? It does to me; I have heard this kind of news from my clients many times in the past few months.

Uncertainty has a name: job loss

…and many other labels:
• realignment of the organisation,
• merging of entire structures: departments – divisions – units,
• relocating business units abroad,
• restructuring,
• digitalisation.

In all this, there is a word always implied, although it is hardly ever directly used. It’s the word that calls this uncertainty by its name: ‘job loss’. My client’s story shows very clearly: Making 2 into 1 means: Half of the employees will be left ‘shut out’.

How secure is my job?

What this means for many people in the present circumstances: uncertainty and a fear of losing their job. Many employees find themselves asking:

‘Will I be able to keep my job?’
‘Will my job still be around 5 years from now?’
‘What do I do if I lose my job?’

These thoughts weigh heavily on the hearts of all employees alike – whether they are managers, employees, seniors or juniors: Risk and uncertainty are shared ‘democratically’. Such anxiety about one’s job is completely warranted!

How do people react when they feel insecure?

Responses can be clustered as follows:

• State of shock – ‘bury-head-in-sand’ until the storm blows over
• Anxiety – ‘Covid or famine, things are going to get even worse.’
• Resignation – ‘It’s not my fault and there’s nothing I can do about it.’
• Activism – ‘I have to do something – the more, the better.’

The problem is: None of these responses promise long-term success. Is there an alternative?

Staying a step ahead through mental strength

There is one thing Growminders are well aware of: The more time a person spends on negative thoughts, the more difficult it becomes to escape the negative spiral. Negativity darkens the mood and spoils opportunities – at work and in life.

That’s why, rather than waiting until the crisis is over, they already begin to prepare for the future now, true to the adage ‘Everyone is the architect of their own fortune’. Read more here about 4 tips for mental strength on the job.

Growminders set traffic lights, but they do it right.

The Growminder traffic light system has just 2 colours: red = toxic, green = good, healthy, constructive.
This is how it works:
• Alarming news and opinions -> red
• Whining about things that cannot be changed -> red
• Toxic thoughts -> red

• Information that adds value -> green
• Ideas that inspire -> green
• People who spread positive vibes -> green

So, what to do?
That’s easy: Avoid red. Surround yourself with more green.

I know this sounds easier than it really is. Because to achieve this, you have to get your mindset under control and consciously influence it. That’s exactly what Growminders do!

Growminders believe in personal development

• They know their qualities, talents and potential. See also: 7 personal qualities
• They are sensitive to their needs.
• They can set limits, they can say ‘No’.
• They have or develop a healthy sense of self-confidence.

Growminders are a step ahead thanks to strategic thinking

Growminders ‘tick’ differently and think about job issues differently:

‘What can I do to boost my chances on the job market?’
‘What strategy do I have to keep my job?’
‘How do I prepare to get a new and better job?’
‘What is my Plan B?’

As a Growminder, you’re already thinking about the future now, taking the reins and making a move. How?

Growminders set the career compass

The Growminder compass always points forward. For your career that means:
• upgrading your knowledge,
• building your skills,
• forging a career plan,
• rigorously implementing the career plan.

Growminders rely on like-minded people

Growminders seek out like-minded people, walk the path of growth together and inspire, support, and strengthen each other. Their solidarity knows no bounds nor barriers and needs no distance.

Would you like to swap uncertainty for a head start? Then I would be happy to be at your service.

In just 6 intense sessions of coaching & individual training:
• Let’s set your traffic lights,
• strengthen your self-confidence,
• calibrate your career compass,
• boost your professional edge.

You can reach me at: or +436602400135.

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