How to keep a cool head in difficult conversations?

Four tips for mental strength on the job. How to keep a cool head in difficult conversations?

5 minutes to go before talks begin! Ms X is meticulously prepared. A single slipup could ruin all the effort. A rush of excitement sweeps over the body, Ms X feels her heart pound and her hands go clammy. She wonders. ‘Will I be able to keep a cool head despite the pressure to perform?…
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Your performance during negotiations as an entrepreneur

Lack of confidence in negotiations despite having attended many seminars – when the performance just isn’t up to snuff.

Many of my clients don’t feel comfortable when it comes to implementing what they have learned, despite having attended many sales and negotiation seminars. Is that what it’s like for you, too? There is a factor that is not at all easy to teach in negotiation skills seminars or workshops. This factor makes all the…
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Negotiating prices as a self-employed person

Negotiating prices as a self-employed person: Preparation is the key to success.

Many people find it difficult to conduct price negotiations on their own behalf. This is something that I have been able to observe throughout my 20 years of negotiations – in my role as a negotiation expert for banks and as an independent negotiation strategist. The fact is: Negotiating or selling services for yourself is…
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Negotiating with counterparts

Negotiating with counterparts you don’t know: What to do if you don’t know who you are negotiating with?

The other day, during a negotiation coaching session, I was quite taken aback by the response I got when I asked: ‘Who is going to be your counterpart at your next negotiation?’ The answer was: ‘I don’t know, I won’t find out until we talk’. Because my client was negotiating ‘with a company’. The situation…
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How to enhance your status in negotiations

How to enhance your status in negotiations? Three steps to building a stronger starting position.

Status – an elusive element with a big impact. Especially at the negotiating table: The party with the higher status has a potential ace up its sleeve – and therefore a competitive edge. ‘How do I negotiate with the other party on an equal footing when the latter has a higher status?’, ‘How do I…
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How to recognise your counterpart's high status in negotiations

Status in negotiations: What to do if the other side enjoys a high status.

My first negotiation: Its memory will remain etched in my mind, because it taught me so much. I was a young 23-year-old law graduate and the third party representing the legal interests of the lending bank in negotiations for a multi-million-dollar project financing facility. I was able to observe the dealings from a safe distance.…
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Negotiating within your family/partnership: from permanent fights to a common solution

Yesterday a client called: ‘It is urgent!’ he said. ‘You know, leading my team remotely is working pretty well. But I have an emergency situation at home! I’ve been working 12 hours daily for weeks since I went into home office. My wife is covering her own job but also takes care of the children.…
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Leading from a distance: 7 key findings – the bottom line.

Tie and trackies – will that do? Virtual meetings at the kitchen table with the kids playing in plain sight – can I get away with that? You can get away with a lot of things if you have to. New circumstances require unusual action. For over 5 weeks now, managers have been suddenly and…
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Attitude and social competence in remote team leadership

In my last article, I gave you a few tips and clued you in on several factual and functional solutions on how to lead remote teams. In this blog article, we will be looking to answer questions about how to define the relationship between you as a manager and your employees. And about what you…
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Leadership knows no shutdown: How to lead remote teams efficiently.

From one day to the next, CoVid19 presented lots of managers with a new challenge: managing their team remotely. The task was to keep business going as best possible using only telephone and digital media. Right when people started working from home, my coaching clients asked me many new questions about remote management: “As a…
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