My story:
My name is Raluca Ionescu and I open paths.

I have started my own career 20 years ago. Far from being a smooth or a straight path, it has walked me across people and responsibilities, through challenges and satisfaction, from Romania, my country of origin, to Austria, my adopted country. And each time, this path has led me back to myself.

Ever since I was a child, I have loved being the first one to opens doors and explore rooms that no one had entered before. I have always enjoyed being the one who enters first and then takes her fellows by the hand and celebrates together the big discovery.

Many years later, I have re-lived this enthusiasm, as the first lawyer working for the main branch of the largest bank in Romania. This time, however, with the energy of the adult who builds, innovates and consolidates.

When the largest Austrian bank was planning to set up shop in Romania, I joined as the only lawyer during the start-up phase.

Soon after, I laid the foundations of the legal department, whose leader I became.

Later on, in the Vienna Head Office of another large Austrian bank, I signed up from the very beginning as expert lawyer for a newly created legal team dealing with treasury business.


PhD in Law

Business & Organisational Psychology

Negotiation Mastery &
Business Coaching

Each time, I have found great pleasure in finding new paths, see them branch out and expand. With huge enthusiasm, I have helped teams and companies grow and guided people on their paths to personal development.

I see each step of my career as a valuable experience for those I have worked with and – at the same time – extremely valuable for myself. This is how I have learned my lessons to build my own path.

All of these experiences have been an adventure that has taught me maybe the greatest lesson in my life: Each of us carries inside an inner core of strength.

Each challenge that I have successfully overcome has made it more and more evident. Each person that I have seen grow when being granted the trust and space to overcome their limits has made me understand better.

I have seen this strength in people even when their path seemed blurry. I have helped them overcome the blur and access their hidden internal resources that have brought them closer to their objectives.

I have supported them to pave their paths with trust and authenticity, and to discover and preserve themselves in this process of change.

GROWMIND is about unfolding the inner core of strength in people. With my support, you will discover your inner strength and resources you have never thought you might possess.

Through GROWMIND you will realize what really matters to you and learn how to reach exactly what you want.

Assertiveness has many facets. For instance, a quick-witted line of reasoning may be counter-productive. To reach your goal, other skills are decisive. I will show you which skills are decisive and how you can use what nature has already gifted you.


Your personal strength

People have an inner core of strength, a potential that most of us do not access. Yet precisely this potential lets us find solutions to our problems, even if they appear impossible at the outset. I love to accompany people and help them activate their core, become clear about their objectives and fully harness their potential.


Each person is an individual and precious in her uniqueness. Each organization has its own culture that makes it unique. For this reason, there is neither a template nor a pre-made ‘recipe’. Instead, individual processes must be tailored to each unique person. In this, I support you with fine intuition, an appreciative attitude and a clear head. Only when people are ready to express and open themselves in an authentic way, they will succeed in complementing and strengthening each other. And only thus our society can evolve towards a better and a more harmonious place.

A fully lived life

People who reach out to my coaching are usually longing for professional success. However, this comes always as a consequence of their inner clarity and personal unfolding. The result of a transformation process will therefore be a better-balanced person acting with more confidence in all layers of life.


A world set free of fears and mental patterns, a world in which people are able to fully access their real potential.


I support and accompany people to activate their inner force, find ways to solve their problems and I give them the suitable tools for this.